Concept the painting

It is a complex,powerful and non-fragile painting interspersed with visible elements which we encounter in many natural colours in our daily lives.
The earth, sand, fire and hidden inside it of the secrets of treasures in our depths.
The layer, structure and colours are simply recognizable, but the paintings bear secrets with them , which is not intuitive never and it puzzle the viewer to ask himself, is what we see also the same as it is really?
Does the visible surface conceals something inside it? Something is much more important than outside it.
Like so many people, its depths are more ugly than its outer beauty, vice versa. Some of their depths are more painful than the beauty of their virtual smile.

The relation of the form work with the stones

In an ancient civilization , when a container is broken, they repair it through its collection and restoration with melted gold . As a result, it becomes more beautiful and powerful.
The new, shiny and complete things don’t usually include stories that can be said or narrated. The stories are found in cracks which light leaks through it. And what you see as a wound maybe the window from which light enters into your soul.

Another thing that art teaches us is that we should not be afraid of the experiences of life and accept the risks and failures with patience and courage . When things get tough we have to find ( our gold) to fix ourselves and take advantage of our mistakes.
The refractions that we face in life should not make our life a pain but it come to teach us a lesson to take advantage of it and make our life more wonderful. Fill your refractions with your treasures and make it the most thing in you, don’t be ashamed of your scars, put it a Medal of Honour on your heart and proud of it .

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